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Start eCommerce Business in USA & Get E2 Investor Visa

Start a Fully Automated DONE-FOR-YOU eCommerce Business and the FREEDOM OF LIFE and Great Returns on your Investment!

Investment range starting from

$80,000 - $100,000 ONLY

Benefits of Doing Business in USA

  • World’s largest market
  • Nexus of Innovation
  • Business Funding and Support
  • Access to Capital
  • Speed and Accuracy
  • Dedicated Human Capital
  • Abundant Resources
  • Adaptation to the new ideas and technology
  • Diverse population
  • Talent and Innovation

Launch Your eCommerce Business in USA & Enjoy the Business Success along with Business Investor Visa for USA

It's Your Time Now

Invest like a PRO

Why Business Investor Visa?

  • Live and Work in USA
  • Visa for all Family
  • Work Authorization for Spouse
  • Stay in USA Indefinitely
  • Fast Processing
  • No education restrictions or limitations
  • No IELTS or Language Test
  • No experience required
  • American Lifestyle
  • High Level Education Benefits
  • World class Medical Facilities

Starting a business on a small scale or with a low budget investment can be a best business strategy for business, if planned well.

If you plan to start a business in USA the first step is that you must register a company in USA irrespective if you are a US Citizens, Resident or Non-Resident and to form a US company from anywhere in the world. –

Step 1 – Initial Consultation and Planning.

Step 2 - Sign the agreement to start the process.

Step 3 - We prepare the Business infrastructure and Store Setup.

Step 4 - We prepare the application.

Step 5 - Engage an Immigration Attorney to manage the application.

Step 6 - Attend the interview in USA embassy.

Step 7 - Get Visa approval.

Start & Grow your Business in USA

Investment Category; 💰

✅ Start a Business

✅ Invest in a Business

✅ Buy an existing Business

You can Start an eCommerce Business in USA and based on that can apply US Business Visa as well.

eCommerce Marketplace From the big chunk of local US marketplaces, we can start the business in below top performing markets.

✅ Amazon

✅ eBay

✅ Walmart

✅ Shopify


✅ Etsy

✅ WooCommerce

Nature of Business; 💼

👉🏻 *Wholesale eCommerce Business * Where we work as a retailer and buy different / multiple sale-able products from US local market and sell on multichannel ecommerce platforms.

👉🏻 *Private Label Business *

Where we select and shortlist individual product/s and launch them in US market as Branded items.

Investment Budget 💸

💵 In order to Start a profit generating Business and qualifying for E2 Visa successfully, you need to have an Investment Budget of at least $80,000-$100,000.

This amount will be majorly spent in below categories:

🔎 Company Registration and Setup 🔎 Store Setup & Optimization

🔎 Product Hunting and Sourcing

🔎 Store Launching and Management 🔎 Consulting & Management Fee

🔎 Stock & Inventory

🔎 Visa Expenses

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